Friday, November 03, 2006

Possession Penalty

I found the following at this site.
...The statement issued by the KDN stated that the "printing, import, production, reproduction, sale, circulation, distribution and possession of books listed under the schedule are banned in the country". A jail sentence of up to three years and/or a maximum fine of 20,000 Malaysian ringgits (approx. £3,340) will be given to anyone found guilty of breaking this ban.

It's dated April 2003. But, I'm curious, can anyone tell us if the penalty still exists? And where are the lists of banned books (issued by KDN), if there is such a penalty? Doesn't possession mean that members of the public are affected, hence we should be told of this list?


bibliobibuli said...

yes the same words appear on the latest version. but his is for the books gazetted as banned e.g the karen armstrongs, not for the books banned by restriction

i don't know of any case where a person has been prosecuted or where any raids have taken palce

vincent said...

I am confused. It is just JB, or is it the whole of Malaysia?

I ran a book search on a few random books on the list on the MPH website and they all checked out fine with the price and everything.

bibliobibuli said...

vincent - *sigh* i clearly need give the back story since quite a few people haven't read the posts about banning on my blog or the silverfish website.

i will fill in the gaps but not today, so be sure to pop back!

midnite lily said...

we have a lot to catch up on. or rather, i should speak for myself and say I do, for sure.

i believe the fuss has lost some of the context of all the information being passed around. but take ur time Sharon. this is what the blog's for. to educate everyone what book bannings are about, and make ppl care about why books shouldn't be banned.