Friday, November 03, 2006

Instead of dadah burning...

Remember those massive drug bonfires the enforcement agency would have for show? I wonder if one day we'll see our censors burn books to scare off the reading public...

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Kamigoroshi said...

Didn't the Nazi's use to do that at one point during the height of their regime?

The public burning of books written by Jews?

Alex Tang said...

yes, kamigoroshi,

the Nazi did burn books- not only those written by Jews but also other books that did not agree with their Aryan supremacy doctrine.

Shi Huang Ti, the first emperor of China, also burn books. Unfortunately, he also burn the authors (scholars) with their books. Talk about hostile book reviewers.

Sufian said...


I think Naipaul would say that it is:

"an extreme form of literary criticism"

That Naipaul.