Friday, August 14, 2009

Manuscripts still don't burn

Way back in 2006, a few enraged bloggers started a blog to protest Malaysia's illogical stance on book banning.

It was called Manuscripts Don't Burn at What started it all was the following list that included, of all things, books on breastfeeding, Yixing teapots, music for sleepy babies...and Robbie Williams.

Sad to say but the blog has lain dormant for the past couple of years. There had been little buzz on book banning for awhile...until now. For a current list of banned books (thanks to Sharon at Bibliobibuli) go here.

Besides book banning, Manuscripts Don't Burn will now also highlight censorship of other print media, how banning works here and other things related to local suppression of the freedom of self-expression.

If you'd like to contribute to Manuscripts Don't Burn or know someone who does, leave a comment or email

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The Literary Gift Company said...

Dear Sharon,
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Anonymous said...

Forwarded below, a fun outing to highlight book banning. More info about the event here (

Siew Eng



We are looking for people to do a kind of performance art thing at the SIS BAnned Book Event, Right to REad on 10 &11 October at Annexe, Central Market.

It is simple, all you have to do is lounge around in our reading room and read - silently, loudly, act it out ... whatever. You can even terrorise the visitors for fun, but ideally never step out of character (never be yourself).

Basically, the Reading Room would have three computers for people to look up the laws, list of banned books and recorded readings of a few banned books. There will be also some other exhibition. You don't have to look after the exhibition or reading stuff. Your job is only to relax and read...

The "Right to Read" event is opened from 11am to 6pm. but what we have done is to divide it into two-hour slots.

Sat, 10 Oct

(exhibition closed in the morning)
1pm - 3pm
3pm - 5pm

Sun, 11 Oct
11am- 1pm
3pm -5pm

So, can? Unfortunately, we have nothing to offer but free access to the other events in the festival (unfortunately everything is free) . It will be a labour of love.)
Please choose a time slot and email me back if you are interested. if you think there is anyone who might be interested, can you forward them this email. thanks.

kesumati at

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