Monday, February 19, 2007

Take the Banned Book Challenge!

A library in Canada is encouraging readers everywhere to read banned books by issuing this challenge:
Take the Banned Book Challenge
Set a goal for yourself to read as many banned or challenged books as you wish between February 26 (Freedom to Read Week) and June 30, 2007. Visit the Pelham Public Library’s Fahrenheit 451: Banned Book Blog to set your goal and report on your progress.
So what do you plan to read? I might just start with Fahrenheit 451 myself.


bibliobibuli said...

we should start with our own banned books, ted! you're spoiled for choice!

Ted Mahsun said...

I would if I could get actually get my hands on 'em!

midnite lily said...

how abt posting reviews here for the banned books that u've read?

i'd like to write one, but i need help myself - can someone recommend me a banned book in Malaysia (that i can find in Sydney) so i can review it ere? ^_^ i'm more of a fiction person, human interest stories.

MyrtleHernandez said...

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Anonymous said...

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lucille10gonzales said...

i want to make my own banned too..
i like your blogs.

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