Saturday, January 30, 2010

Politically sensitive books seized by book raiders!

The KDN obviously has nothing better to do but to go around to Popular Book Store and seize books.

Well-known activist and blogger was deservedly upset about the confiscation of copies of his book Where is Justice along with a collection of political funnies by Zunar, 1Funny Malaysia.

The books haven't been officially banned as yet, but supposedly the content is under investigation as threats to national security.

Should you want copies of said books, do support Nat by buying the books where you can get them before they're seized or by ordering a copy direct from Kinibooks.

According to a report on Malaysiakini, the Special Branch got involved as well in the book seizure.

Seriously, sending the police in to save the public from books? As if a book of comical satire could somehow disturb the peace and create unrest.

With the political climate being as turbulent as it is now, I predict more books will be seized. I have a feeling that a lot more books are going to come under scrutiny, including books on history not officially 'sanctioned' by our government.

Expect more news on book seizures to come, folks.

Remember, whatever happens, manuscripts don't burn. They live on so long as we fight for them.

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